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CMDSM/CMDSS Study Groups Are Now Forming!!


Now is the time for you to take the first step in earning the industry’s most recognized professional certification!

The Mail Systems Management Association has established the Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM) and Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Supplier (CMDSS) programs to recognize distinguished professionals in the mailing industry,

This accreditation process provides for an individual to be evaluated, tested and certified on the body of technical knowledge, sales skills and/or management skills necessary for performance in the profession. The exam consists of 135 multiple-choice questions and five essay questions. It is a timed, four-hour exam and one must achieve a score of 75% or more to pass.

How Will You Benefit:
For those MSMA Members who have wanted to take the CMDSM or CMDSS exam but were unsure of where to find study material or intimidated for fear of failing, the MSMA National Board Education Committee is pleased to announce a series of CMDSM and CMDSS Webinar Study Session s to prepare you to take the exam at MAILCOM Las Vegas.

What Will Be Covered:
This 10-week program will guide participants through the learning process and provide in depth knowledge on every technical area contained within the exam. The goal of this study group is to prepare candidates to take one of the certification exams at MAILCOM 2015, Las Vegas on Monday, September 28, 2015, (9:00-1:00 pm).

Participants are required to attend at least 7 of the 10 sessions; the start time for the participants is 1:00 p.m. EDT. The study group for each certification requires five participants but the groups may be combined if minimums are not met for one group. Each webinar lasts approximately ninety minutes and the schedule is as follows:  

July 23, 1:00 to 2:00 Eastern:
Program/Exam Overview and Orientation

July 30, Study Session 1
August 6, Study Session 2
August 13, Study Session 3
August 20, Study Session 4
August 27, Study Session 5
September 3, Study Session 6
September 10, Study Session 7
September 17, Study Session 8
September 24, Study Session 9

Method of delivery:
Ten weekly, (every Thursday) ninety-minute webinars that wil follow and review the details of the currently available CMDSM/CMDSS Study Guides.

To Qualify/Register, an individual must:
1. Currently be employed in the mailing and/or delivery distribution fields for five or more years with at least three of those years in management or as a sales executive
2. Attain 150 professional expertise points in the following areas:

Professional experience
MSMA experience
Non-MSMA experience

The CMDSM/CMDSS Study Sessions will be facilitated by Jud Thurman, CMDSM/CMDSS, National Executive Vice President; Jane Patton, VP-Education; and Mark Hale, CMDSM, Director of Certification Services.

Interested MSMA members should contact Barbara Fahy, MSMA National President E-mail:

Complete details about both certification programs are now available at and then click on the Certification tab.


Certification Programs


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