CMDSS Application

CMDSS Qualification Points Requirements

A total of 150 qualification points are required to take the CMDSS Examination.  There are 240 points possible in all four categories.  The applicant is required to provide verification for all points claimed on the application.  These qualification points are earned from the categories listed below.



Mail/Distribution Systems Work Experience


MSMA Activities and Membership


Non-MSMA Activities and Membership




The job categories below are included in the Mail and Distribution Systems Field:

  1. Mail, Distribution, Messenger, Shipping, Receiving or Fulfillment

  2. Supplier or Consultants serving the equipment (hardware or software) supply or service needs of Mail.

  3. Other reasonable categories of job descriptions that are directly involved in mailing and shipping operations.  These will be subject to the review of the Educational Committee.

Administered only under the direction of:

Mail Systems Management Association
Education Committee
P O Box 1145
N. Riverside, IL. 60546-1145

All the information required for qualifying to take the CMDSS Certification Examination is contained in this application.  Please insure that all questions are answered thoroughly and accurately.  All points claimed by applicants must have supporting documentation.  The types of required documentation will be noted in each section for your reference.  Any incomplete applications will be returned, resulting in a delay in processing.  For additional information, please contact the MSMA Vice President of Education from the National MSMA website:


  • The CMDSS application must be filled in electronically.

  • To complete the form electronically: 

    • Save the form (go to your menu bar and click on “File”, then click on “Save As” and save to the appropriate file.  Note:   the “save as type” should be set to “Word 7.0” or “Word document” for Word 97 users). 

    • Scroll to page 3, “Applicant Information”.  Use the tab key to get to the gray block by “Name”. 

    • Type the appropriate information and use the tab key to go to the next block.

    • When you come to a box that you wish to mark “x”, use the space bar and an “x” will appear or left click once on the box.  If you need to remove the “x”, space again or left click in the box again.

    • Continue until all blocks are filled in.

    • If you need to go back to a block you missed, you can use your scroll bar to take you to the appropriate box. Left click once on the box, then fill it in.

    • If you just need to back up, hold down your shift key and press the tab key. This will move you back one block.

    • When all blocks are filled in, save your form, print and sign your name on pages four, five, six and ten.

  • Be sure to attach all documentation to the appropriate section.

  • If you are claiming MSMA Activities and Membership points, you must submit the form to your Chapter President for verification prior to sending to the Educational Committee.

  • Mail completed form, attachments and a check for the application fee to:

    MSMA Education Committee
    P.O. Box 1145
    N. Riverside, IL 60546-1145

Additional information

The Mail Systems Management Association has established the Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Supplier program. It is important to note from the outset, a candidate does not have to be a member of the MSMA to participate in the program. However, the program application fee for non-members does include one year of membership. Certification does not waive membership dues after the first year of MSMA membership. Membership in MSMA does not lower the prerequisite requirements for Certification.

CMDSS Application Fees

  • $475.00 for MSMA member

  • $675.00 for Non-MSMA members


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