MSMA and Me


Linda Farell

Years ago I made the decision to become an “active” member of MSMA; I raised my hand to volunteer. I believe to have a rewarding and fulfilling membership experience, it is important to become active; using and developing individual, personal and professional skills to contribute to our organization.  Volunteer! The adage, “What you put into it is what you get out of it” is certainly true.

I feel a great sense of personal satisfaction and achievement as a training and education professional; helping members and others to develop their  professionalism and skill set within their industry.  Designing the Mailpiece Design Consultant Certification, facilitating the National CMDSM and CMDSS Study Sessions and this year introducing the National Learning Event Webinars have all been very rewarding experiences for me. 

The opportunity is here within MSMA for all members who want to contribute to participate and have affect on others. No matter what your specific talent may be, it can be used to better our organization while simultaneously developing your existing skills and gaining new ones.  Volunteering is a great way to:

  • add experience and increase your professional skills that can be transferred to your job and your resume

  • be a part of our many industries; expand your professional network and make new friends

  • reflect and support a complete picture of you by showing real examples of your commitment, dedication and interests in the mailing industry

No matter what you volunteer to do within MSMA, you will be welcomed and supported as an “active” member.  But be warned, volunteering will bring you an overwhelming sense of achievement, satisfaction and fulfillment!  If this is the year you take your MSMA membership to a higher level and decide to volunteer, the first step is simple; to be one, ask me or any other National Board Member.







Certification Programs


To recognize professional managers, the MSMA has established the Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM) program. This accreditation process provides for an individual to be evaluated, tested, and certified on the body of technical knowledge and management skills necessary for performance in the profession...more »


Approximately 41% of the Mail Systems Management Association members are from the “Supplier” side of the industry. MSMA has developed a new certification and exam for suppliers – CMDSS (Certified Mail & Distribution Systems Supplier).  The CMDSS Certification incorporates Supplier themes as they relate to doing business with Mail & Distribution Management within companies...more »


GOT MAIL? Then you know how important it is to be an expert! Make yourself even more valuable to your organization. YOU can add a new certification to your resume. MSMA offers an exciting certification designations more »