James P. Mullan, CMDSM, MDC

Linda Farell

I have my current position as National Operations Manager for an insurance company in NJ thanks to my MSMA association. Though I had been employed at the time I was approached about this particular position because the client actually knew of me through the MSMA. I have been a member of the MSMA since 1995. Having just left the records management industry I was now entering an entirely new and different world, the world of mail!

I knew that I would need to be involved in an association that would allow me to meet folks like myself in this industry that was new to me, folks who could show me the way, who I could use as mentors! It has allowed me to continue to expand my network of professional contacts and reach out to obtain assistance for any issues or concerns related to my new job responsibility.

MSMA is all about NETWORKING!
As I said I was new to the industry and knew very little about mail operations within an office environment, and by joining the MSMA that all changed. One of the highlights of membership was the fact that I would get to tour numerous company operations in various industries, as well as attend educational sessions regarding management and staff development. It also gave me numerous opportunities to discuss outstanding
issues or concerns I was having in my new career. Being able to meet seasoned industry professionals at the MSMA meetings made my transition into my new world seamless and painless.

MSMA is all about EDUCATION!
As I learned throughout the years, MSMA is an excellent forum for personal and professional growth. I have obtained both my certifications as a CMDSM (Certified Mail and Distribution Service Manager) and MDC (Mail Design Consultant) because of the MSMA!
James P. Mullan, CMDSM, MDC





Certification Programs


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