What has MSMA done for me?

Testimony by Linda Ferrell, CMDSM, MDC

Linda Farell

I joined MSMA to gain information to assist me in a new position for which I had no knowledge.  The mail manager of my corporation had passed away suddenly, and my director advised me the responsibilities were now mine. At that time, we had an outsourced mail team and there was no internal employee to manage the product before me. I knew I needed help and I needed it quickly. 

MSMA turned out to be a great resource of experienced people willing to share advice and solutions with me and the educational seminars were amazing.

Within a year of becoming responsible for our mail operation, I was asked to bring it in-house. Just three months later we moved the complete operation across the medical center to a new location.  Because of the friends I quickly found within MSMA, the knowledge I gained when I attended MAILCOM and the overall increase in my knowledge, expertise and perspectives, I was able to create a team and operation that exceeded expectations.

My next personal challenge was to earn a coveted CMDSM certification. After researching the qualifications, I built the courage to qualify and test. Thanks to the encouragement and assistance from MSMA, my continuing experience as a first rate manager, I became a CMDSM.  Because of this certification, I was chosen from a field of seventy-five applicants for a new position within a new organization.  I was the only CMDSM who applied. 

Today I have friends all over the country to share information, ideas, and support as we encounter a new challenge or need assistance with new issues.  Without MSMA, I would not have been able to grow my career or myself with the successes I have enjoyed.

Linda Ferrell, CMDSM, MDC





Certification Programs


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