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Happy 2019 and welcome to the MSMA National Website.  The industry is changing and the need to change with it has presented interesting challenges along with realizations that hashtags, tweets, advertising on Instagram and other social media related jargon and outlets online must be part of the educational endeavors of our member companies, clients and associates.

The speed with which e-commerce, logistics, distribution, parcels and shipping, mail, print and marketing are being disrupted to accommodate the “way business is conducted” domestically and internationally is trending upward.  The future of requires MSMA, the premier education and networking association for industry leaders not limited to the areas cited above, requires we catch that wave and ride it to keep our companies and this association relevant with regard to the communication industry.  Along those lines we have added to the professional certifications offered.  Check out our web page re the new Office Services Professional Certification (OSPC)in conjunction with the Association of Office Services Professionals (AOSP).  We also offer the MDC as well as the CMDSM and CMDSS Certifications.  MSMA certifications are regarded as achievements of excellence in the industry.

We are much more than mail! Our focus is expanding to include Office Services, Distribution, Facilities Management and Logistics.  We are a group of business leaders taking an active role in the development of current and future leaders ensuring they are capable of providing cost-saving timely business acumen to their employers to include the self-employed and 3rdparty vendors.

We encourage you to JOIN MSMA!  The testimonials of our members and the active participation of our vendors training attendees at MAILCOM and other networking/educational events ranging from frequently offered webinars to quarterly meetings at local chapters on topics varying greatly in subject matter show how much MSMA has to offer personally and professionally.  

We are embarking on an exciting new journey and want to thank all of our current and past Board Members for their dedication and support.  It has been greatly appreciated.  For the current Board Members nationally and locally continue to do the great work that you do, it is not in vain.  We are always looking for individuals (especially new younger voices) to assist in our becoming more effective leaders.  The growth of this organization is imperative to the success of businesses as the skill sets that we encourage are rare and valuable when nourished properly.  

Come join us! 2019 is going to be an exciting year for MSMA and AOSP!

Barbara Fahy, MDC,OSPC

MSMA National President

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“Continuing education and networking ARE important to organizations, to you, and your career! The fast-paced change of the landscape, in all industries, requires that talent broaden its scope.  

MSMA offers programs and training, that provide education and networking solutions, to today’s business issues surrounding logistics, distribution, e-commerce, communication and more!”

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