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Executive Director's Message

Welcome to 2024!

    It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Executive Director of MSMA. 

    I am excited and looking forward to the great accomplishments we will achieve this year. As I reminisce the past 4 years, I realize that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, that served this association. Who wrote manuals, established testing measures, and provided a road map that we only had to adopt to current business demands. 

    We have successfully made great strides in moving MSMA forward as a solid, viable, asset for mail/print industry education. MSMA thrived during the pandemic due to innovative and technological advances that were adopted. 

    As we have entered a new frontier, MSMA leads the mailing/print industry providing educational, training, informational, and networking opportunities. Thank you to the MSMA National Executive Board. Thank you to every member and to each non-member who has supported MSMA.

     The success that we have attained could not have been achieved without your involvement and support. You have led our industry forward. Now we must continue to move forward in 2024:

    ·         Move forward with a new management certification.

    ·         Move forward with membership growth.

    ·         Move forward with succession planning.

    ·         Move forward with professional growth and development

    In closing, I challenge you with this question. What are you going to do to help MSMA and your industry move forward? As you think on that, I share this quote by Shirley Chisholm, “service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” MSMA will continue to move forward as long as YOU and I are on the team!

    MSMA Executive Director  


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    “Continuing education and networking ARE important to organizations, to you, and your career! The fast-paced change of the landscape, in all industries, requires that talent broaden its scope.  

    MSMA offers programs and training, that provide education and networking solutions, to today’s business issues surrounding logistics, distribution, e-commerce, communication and more!”

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