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Welcome to the MSMA!

First things first- We are very glad that you have taken the time to visit our website and hopefully learn more about who we are and what we have to offer you-a professional member of the Mail, Print, Logistics, Office Services or Information Moving Industry!

Founded in 1982, our organization was developed to provide support and educational opportunities to members of the mailing industry.  For those of you who were around in 1982 it’s hard to imagine what being a mailer at that time involved:

  • Meters had to be taken to the Post Office to have funds reset.
  • Meters were unable to weigh mail in process.
  • Postage was $.20 for a one-ounce letter.
  • And let the revolution begin: Automation began with installation of optical character readers!

Fast forward to today, where the need for our organization is even more important for our members!

In the past year we have been working to reorganize the leadership of MSMA and create a National Board to move the organization into the future.  We have established strong teams to improve our educational offerings, increase and improve our channels of communication and bring more professionals into the membership by adding Office Services, Facilities Management and other relevant services to areas of the MSMA emphasis.

Our educational programs are designed to provide certification opportunities for all levels of the industry such as Mailpiece Design Certification (MDC), Office Services Professional Certification (OSPC) and Certified Mail and Distribution Services Management Certification (CMDSM).

As part of our reorganization you will see many changes to our website and communications over the coming year all designed to provide more value to our membership.  Stay tuned and we are glad you stopped by!

Mark Hale

MSMA Executive Director

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“Continuing education and networking ARE important to organizations, to you, and your career! The fast-paced change of the landscape, in all industries, requires that talent broaden its scope.  

MSMA offers programs and training, that provide education and networking solutions, to today’s business issues surrounding logistics, distribution, e-commerce, communication and more!”

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