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What does MSMA Mean to Me:

"If you are in the mail and distribution industry the Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA) is a must have network. Where else do you have access to industry experts at local and national levels? There is always someone who has been there, done that and willing to share information with you.

 MSMA provides opportunities to network with like-minded people in the industry. We all know the value of networking. It allows us to expand our knowledge, attain new clients and learn about vendor products and services. We have opportunities to share information. To solve business problems. Discuss changes. Networking gives us a platform that promotes professional growth and development.   

The people I have meet around the county through MSMA have helped me develop and advance my career. The successful achievement of certifications and awards have added value and recognition to my profession. When laid off after 28 years, it was this network that linked me to my next career opportunity. Not just one opportunity, but multiple!  I had choices! That was a great feeling and I am thankful to those who helped me along the way! "


Karla Danielson

General Manager

Pitney Bowes Presort Services


"MSMA has been a cornerstone of my employment in mail center management. The education offered in the area of USPS rules, regulations, and relationships has been unequaled in the industry. The education offered in personnel management as well as networking has been excellent.

The efforts I had to go to in order to achieve the MDC and CMDSM certifications, challenged me, and took me to another level in my professional career.

Thank You MSMA!"

Thad Weikal

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Mail Center Supervisor   CMDSM  MDC  EMCM  MDP

"MSMA keeps me current with up to date topics that are important to mail processing and other related topics.  It is a great networking organization.  I have met so many people through MSMA that are willing to share their knowledge.  If I don't know the answer, I sure know who to connect with to get to the answer I need.  The value of the award is more personal, knowing that I have accomplished goals that I set for myself.  The award validates my accomplishments." 

 Denise Streit

Chapter President MSMA Chicago and a past Award Recipient

“Let me just say that MSMA has had an extremely deep impact on my career.  I have degrees in sociology, marketing, and business management.  The last degree was in competition with my youngest because every time I got to the glass ceiling in employment not having a marketing degree was the reason I was told kept me from that promotion, as Marketing is one of the only function areas that requires a specialized degree in management. I was then laid off 30 days after obtaining my Marketing degree. I had been a long time member of DMA, they didn’t ask much of me, I put together one very well attended event with Claude Grizzard of Grizzard Advertising a well-known agency in Atlanta as the keynote and attended meetings (mostly mixers).  My new employer introduced me to MSMA because of my lack of mail knowledge and MSMA offered education.  MSMA filled the gaps in knowledge even where I didn’t realize there was any.  Outsourcing entire departments (mostly back office) eventually became my charge and would not have gone as smoothly without the information that was readily available that I obtained at Mailcom and put to good use in my corporate endeavors.  It is easy for me to say that my association with MSMA catapulted me into various upward mobile roles within my company while retaining responsibility for all of my previous managerial duties plus oversight of the 3rd party vendors we outsourced to.”

"The broad reach of the education and networking provided by MSMA and Mailcom enables continue learning and growth.  If this is not already the case, we want this for all MSMA members as well.  We should empower members to know how to get what they need from their employers, to understand there is no reason to go without those things that help you perform better or bring more to the table personally and professionally, or to prepare for the next position using tools provided by MSMA as the catalyst."

Darlene Handy, MCOM, LSSGB, CMDSM, MDC

Director, Claims
WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

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